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Les Parisiennes

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Anne Sebba

Saturday 14th October 17:30 - 18:30 | Northwood House

What did it feel like to be a woman living in Paris from 1939 to 1949?  It was women, more than men, who came face to face with the German conquerors on a daily basis. How did these women react to their subjugators? And did they have any choice? By looking at a wide range of individuals from collaborators to resisters, actresses and prostitutes to teachers and writers, Anne Sebba shows that women, whether they were Nazi wives, spies, mothers, mistresses, or fashion and jewellery designers, had to make life-and-death decisions every day, and often did whatever they needed to survive.

Sponsored by The Arts Society Isle of Wight


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Anne Sebba: Les Parisiennes£9.00
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