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Never Fear: Reliving the Life of Sir Francis Chichester

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Ian Strathcarron

Sunday 15th October 11:45 - 12:45 | Northwood House

Ian Strathcarron follows in the footsteps and wakes of Sir Francis’s life of adventure, adversity and triumph. Born in 1901 into a troubled childhood in rural Devon, he left for New Zealand in 1918 where he made his first fortune. In 1930 he became one of the first aviators to fly from London to Sydney. After serving in the RAF in the Second World War, he took up sailing at the age of fifty-four and became the most famous yachtsman in the world, culminating in being knighted with Sir Francis Drake’s sword in Greenwich. Ian Strathcarron, himself an aviator, yachtsman and adventurer, follows him all the way, comparing what Sir Francis found then to what he finds now, meeting the descendants of the people who played important parts in his life and getting under the skin of what made the man, the man.


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Ian Strathcarron: Never Fear: Reliving the Life of Sir Francis Chichester£9.00
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