Jules Marriner

After an unsuccessful stint as a butterfly herder, Jules discovered she could make stories through words and drawing. It was while at college she had an epiphany moment, and has never looked back. She moved to the Isle of Wight in 1997 and drew inspiration from the forests and countryside, what with all the squirrels and Orang-Utans.

Her first book, Vincent and the Vampires was published in 2012, swiftly followed by Royal Fleas, which the Queen enjoyed. Other books include: Wally and Bert, BffsThe House on Hare Hill; Flossie Bonce; Bluebell’s New School; Nature Calls.

Jules spends much of her time thinking up irreverent stories and will be launching her ninth book at the Literary Festival. Fidget is a baby owl who just doesn’t like owl food. This story was inspired by the endless rounds of finding acceptable food during a particularly trying parent/toddler phase.

When not locked in her studio, Jules enjoys making inedible cakes for her teenage children and their friends while drinking copious amounts of tea.

The Golden Stone is her latest book available on Amazon Kindle.

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