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Born Lippy: How To Do Female

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Jo Brand

Sunday 13th October 13:00 - 14:00 | Northwood House


Join one of the UK’s best comics, TV star, presenter and writer, Jo Brand, as she talks about her latest book, Born Lippy: How To Do Female.  Packed with memorable anecdotes from her life and career, full of jokes and funny stories, coloured by her experiences as a psychiatric nurse, stand-up and working mother of two, her hilarious book aims not only to entertain but also really help people by touching on such subjects such as how to manage a bully; your family and how to survive it; what no one tells you about the female body; being different; social media is not sociable; how not to fall in love; feminism:  a rebranding; you are not what you wear; getting on a bit; and how to do what you want: or not do what others want.

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