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I’m Champion Call Me Bob

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Bob Champion

Friday 12th October 15:15 - 16:15 | Northwood House

In 1981 Bob Champion and Aldaniti amazed the world with their dual comeback story. A man with testicular cancer given eight months to live and a lame horse ready to be shot, neither would have been given decent odds by the most hardened bookie to make it back onto a racecourse. Yet not only did they race again, they went on to win the Grand National, the most extreme race for even the fittest jump jockey and the most sound horse.

In his own words, Bob talks of his early life, his path to becoming a professional jump jockey and how it felt being the top of his game only to have it come crashing down with a life-threatening diagnosis. The depths of despair going through the radical new cancer treatment he was offered and the heights of joy with that famous victory. This new biography also looks at the whirlwind adventure his life has been since that glorious spring day at Aintree and examines the tremendous fund raising effort of the Bob Champion Cancer Trust.

Today Bob is the face of that Trust, the UK’s most successful small cancer fund that has been responsible for raising almost £15 million, money which has allowed research efforts that have all but eradicated testicular cancer death and furthered new research enquiries into prostate cancer.

For the first time Bob shares his thoughts on his life so far, the highs, the lows, injuries, illness and of course just what it felt like to win “the ultimate test horse and rider”.


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