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Incredible Journeys

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David Barrie

Saturday 12th October 14:00 - 15:00 | Northwood House

How do our fellow creatures – large and small – find their way around? David Barrie explores the many wonders (and outstanding mysteries) of animal navigation.  What guides a sea turtle back to the beach where she was born to lay her eggs? How does a butterfly locate a tiny patch of forest in which to pass the winter after flying thousands of kilometres? How does a dangerous crocodile – carried by helicopter to the other side of a long peninsula – paddle home along 411 kilometres of coast? Barrie explains how animals make use of landmarks, the sun, moon and stars, magnetism, sounds and smells – as well as electric fields and polarised light. He also introduces the amazing work of the neuroscientists who are revealing how the brains of animals – including humans – enable them to work out where they are and which way to go. Barrie also raises profound questions about our changing relationship with the natural world.  As we turn our backs on the world around us, we are jeopardising both our physical and spiritual well being.


Tickets are no longer available.David Barrie: Incredible Journeys£9.00
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