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Isle and Empires: Romanov Russia, Britain and the Isle of Wight

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Stephan Roman

Saturday 9th October 12:00 - 12:45 | Digital

Stephan Roman CMG is interviewed by Peter Harrigan on his captivating new book Isle and Empires: Romanov Russia, Britain and the Isle of Wight.

Isle and Empires conjures up the world of Russia’s lost imperial glory, and the revolutionary terror which destroyed it. Starting with the connection of his own family to the fallout of the Russian revolution, the author delves into the misunderstandings, suspicions and alliances that created an uneasy partnership between two of the world’s most powerful Empires–Britain and Russia.

The Isle of Wight plays a fascinating and unexpected role in this story. The twin towns of East Cowes and Cowes were intimately linked to the story of the Romanovs, from the shipbuilding ambitions of Tsar Peter the Great through to the last Russian Imperial visit by Tsar Nicholas II and his family to Cowes in August 1909. On the other side of the island the town of Ventnor became home to many of their radical opponents.

Topical and compelling, the stories described in Isle and Empires reverberate to the present day.

” A fascinating and unexpected tale which provides a wider insight into the often tangled story of Anglo-Russian relations”. Dr Peter Waldron, Professor of Modern History, University of East Anglia and author of The End of Imperial Russia 1855-1917, Russia of the Tsars, and Radical Russia: Art, Culture and Revolution



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