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Jane Seymour: The Haunted Queen

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Alison Weir

Saturday 13th October 15:00 - 16:00 | Northwood House


Eleven days after the bloody death of the Queen, Jane Seymour is dressing for her wedding to Henry VIII. She knows she must bear a son – or face ruin. She is haunted by the fate of her predecessor.  Jane clings to the old faith while living in an England in the throes of a religious revolution, where those who speak out risk a brutal death. How is she to survive in this terrifying world?  Alison draws on new research for her portrayal of Jane, casting fresh light on traditional and modern perceptions of her. A young woman of courage and compassion, coming from a family tainted by scandal, Jane was driven by the strength of her faith, and a belief that she might do some good in a wicked world. All will be well if she can give the King what he wants.


Tickets are no longer available.Alison Weir: Jane Seymour£9.00
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