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Taming the Four Horsemen: Radical Solutions to Pandemics, War, Famine and the Death of the Planet

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Robin Hanbury-Tenison

Sunday 11th October 14:00 - 14:45 | Digital

Written before the pandemic, Robin Hanbury-Tenison offers innovative and radical solutions not only for pandemics but war, famine and the environmental challenges facing us today. The White Horse of Pestilence and Pandemics – many remote tribal societies have healthier lives than ours – what can we learn from them? The Red Horse of War – can we avoid conflict through promoting prosperity and renewable energy for all? The Black Horse of Famine – is now the time to use technology we’ve had since World War II to influence the weather? The Pale Horse of Death – will geoengineering help to undo the appalling pollution we are inflicting on the planet, especially the oceans? The lessons of Taming the Four Horsemen are clear. Hanbury-Tenison makes a persuasive case for implementing these transformative changes now.


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