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Write on Wight: The Bank Robber’s Daughter

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Steve Love

Saturday 9th October 17:00 - 17:45 | Digital

Steve Love will be talking about the motives for his book; how he constructed the story; and how he went about publishing.  He says  “My motivation was the financial crisis of the last decade, the ‘Credit Crunch’, and all the banking greed, frauds, scams and rackets that emerged in the fall-out.  I knew as it happened that there was a story to tell, and I followed the saga for many years collecting details and personalities while searching for a way to tell it.

In the end I settled on a ‘family saga’ narrative centred on female character who, as an East End teenager in 1970s London, robbed banks with her father’s gang.  When her father is killed in a raid that goes wrong she gives up her life of crime; hides her identity; and builds herself a new and honest life as a wife, mother and businesswoman.

However, come the 2000’s the actions of a cartel of corrupt bankers result in her and her family losing their home, business, jobs and liberty.  She gets the idea of using the combined forces of her family and her old gang to turn the tables on the bad bankers and their bank –  and the rest is in the book.

This structure enabled me to tell what a reader has described as a ‘fast-paced story’ while exposing  juicy – and true – details of how a number of the principal banking scams, from PPI, ‘liar loans, tax evasion, exchange rate fixes to outright theft, actually took place.

I will then talk a little about the joys of looking for an agent, a tantalising nibble that came to nothing, and my practical experience – all new and mostly positive – of publishing on Amazon Books and Kindle.”

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