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The Dark Side of the Mind

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Kerry Daynes

Friday 11th October 15:10 - 16:10 | Northwood House

 Forensic psychologist Kerry Daynes has worked with some of the most complex and challenging criminals as well as the victims of crime. A large part of her day job is spent delving into the psyche of convicted men and women to try to understand what lies behind their actions and how to set them on the path to becoming law-abiding citizens. Welcome to the life of a forensic psychologist. No two days are the same. The people you work with are wildly unpredictable, sometimes frightening and often deeply frustrating. Daynes will recount the cases that have shaped her work. She shows us what it’s like to be an expert witness, how she copes with looking at crime scene photographs and the techniques she uses to spot when criminals are faking a mental health disorder. We witness her solving a cold case and advising police on interview techniques. Daynes offers a compelling insight into the psychological causes of some of the most extreme forms of human behaviour, and what the treatment and incarceration of those who transgress says about society.

Interviewed by Emma Gedge

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