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The Devil You Know

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Dr Gwen Adshead

Saturday 9th October 15:00 - 15:45 | Digital

Dr Gwen Adshead, one of Britain’s leading forensic psychiatrists, shares stories of radical empathy that give profound insights into ideas of evil and the life of the mind. Serial homicide. Stalking. Arson. Gang crime. Who are the people behind these acts of terrible violence? What are their stories? And what is it like to sit opposite them? Through a collaboration with co-author Eileen Horne, Adshead brings her work to life in these fascinating, unflinching portraits of individuals who newspaper headlines, TV dramas and crime fiction label ‘monsters’.

In a time of increasing polarisation, in the face of overcrowded prisons and devastating cuts to mental health care, Adshead speaks to our shared humanity and makes the case for compassion over condemnation, empathy over fear.

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