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Why We Get the Wrong Politicians

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Isabel Hardman

Thursday 10th October 16:40 - 17:40 | Northwood House

In an era when politicians are responsible for the Brexit logjam and embroiled in sexual-harassment and expenses scandals, it’s no wonder we’ve lost our faith in government. Every year they introduce new legislation that doesn’t do what it sets out to achieve—often with terrible financial and human costs. But, with some notable exceptions, they are decent, hard-working people, doing a hugely difficult and demanding job. In this searching examination of our political class, award-winning journalist Isabel Hardman investigates the strange and demanding world of Westminster, and asks why we end up with representatives we no longer trust – and how might faith be restored.

“Hardman’s well-written, incisive book provides a good compass with which to navigate this changing landscape.” The Times

Invaluable for those who think they know what’s wrong with Westminster but have no idea how to put it right.” John Humphrys, Presenter, Today Programme

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