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How to Build an Aircraft Carrier

St Mary's Church

At 65,000 tons and 280 metres long with a flight deck the size of 60 tennis courts, HMS Queen Elizabeth is the biggest ship in the Royal Navy’s history and one of the most ambitious and exacting engineering projects ever undertaken in the UK. But it’s her ship’s company of 700, alongside an air group...


Starlight Wood: Walking Back to the Romantic Countryside

Ballroom Ward Avenue, Cowes

But for the Romantics themselves, the countryside was a place where radical change was underway both within and around them. ‘Romanticism isn’t a cultural artefact; it’s a way for thought to move,’ writes highly acclaimed biographer and poet Fiona Sampson in this transporting and vividly evocative book, in which she spends a year walking in...


Book of Minds: How to Understand Ourselves and Other Beings–cancelled

Performance Marquee Ward Avenue, Cowes

This event has been cancelled due to Philip Ball contracting Covid. Refunds will be made after the Festival or you can exchange your ticket at the Festival Box Office for two non-premium events of your choice (availability will be based on venue capacity). Understanding the human mind and how it relates to the world of...

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