Patrick Gale

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Patrick Gale is the author of 17 novels and many short stories. He is a keen cellist, gardener and artistic director of the North Cornwall Book Festival which he cofounded. He lives with his husband, the farmer and sculptor, Aidan Hicks, on their farm at the far west of Cornwall. In addition to his latest, Mother’s Boy, a fictional take on the boyhood and youth of the Cornish poet, Charles Causley, his novels include Take Nothing With You, which was his fourth Sunday Times bestseller, Rough Music (2000), Notes From an Exhibition (2007), A Perfectly Good Man (2012) and A Place Called Winter (2015). In 2017 his Man in an Orange Shirt was screened by BBC2 as part of the Gay Britannia season and won the International Emmy for best miniseries. He is writing stage plays based on Take Nothing With You and Rough Music and collaborating on a musical of Man in an Orange Shirt . Extracts from the BBC documentary All Families Have Secrets – the Narrative Art of Patrick Gale can be seen on his website www.galewarning.org.

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