Richard Hilliard

Richard Hilliard describes his enthusiasms as “people and words – not always in that order”. In 2018 he published “Plenty of Grapes – A Collection of Other People’s Words” for family and friends, a selection of pieces which have moved and entertained him over the years. He now encourages everyone to do what he has done, by gathering together the pieces they treasure and keeping them close.
He is an Executive Coach who has his own practice and works as a Leadership Coach at the London Business School in Regent’s Park. After Oxford and a two year spell as Junior Master at Heatherdown School, for decades his international commercial work was based in the City of London and he travelled to every continent except Antarctica. At the same time he helped people suffering from work-related stress, writing and broadcasting widely on the subject. His approach is summed up in a lecture entitled “Surviving the Fast Forward Life“, aimed particularly at young people with demanding careers.
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