sarah crossley

Sarah Crossley is an illustrator and author from Canada who creates children’s books and comics. She is a traveler that loves encouraging both adults and children to get creative, explore endlessly, and believe in themselves. She lived in the Rocky Mountains for a year, which inspired her book Bear’s Pack. The fully illustrated watercolour book is perfect for children who are 3 years and older– children who are younger can begin identifying interesting Canadian animals, too. Bear’s Pack is about a grizzly bear who begins a journey to Alaska but her backpack is way too heavy! A story about the importance of sharing what you have with those in need and always following your adventurous heart. Sarah will be doing an interactive reading of the Bear’s Pack, along with introducing her new book, It’s a Weird World. Ever wonder if another planet would want to be friends with Earth? An imaginative story about exploring space, learning about others and making friends awaits!


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