Andrew Marr Lined Up for Isle of Wight Literary Festival

Posted 22/05/2017

Further speakers announced for the Isle of Wight Literary Festival 2017, Thursday 12th October-Sunday 15th October, include the acclaimed journalist, author and TV presenter, Andrew Marr.

With the General Election looming and in a year of important elections throughout Europe, who better to give an account of how we got to where we are than Andrew Marr who has interviewed everyone who is anyone in British politics. Andrew will be talking about the updated edition of his Sunday Times Number One Bestseller The History of Modern Britain covering the period from the end of the Second World War to Brexit.

The celebrated presenter, Dame Jenni Murray, the doyenne of the renowned and long-running BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour since 1987, will reveal the power of women to change society when she discusses her choice of 21 women who have shaped the course of history in A History of Britain in 21 Women.

Continuing the historical theme, Tracy Borman, joint Chief Curator of Historic Royal Palaces and Chief Executive of the Heritage Trust, will discuss her hugely successful book The Private Lives of the Tudors.

And, for something completely different, turning from Tudor history to Natural History,

Nick Davies, Professor of Behavioural Ecology at the University of Cambridge, in his enormously engaging book Cuckoo: Cheating by Nature, reveals the ingenious ways in which cuckoos trick their hosts. His cuckoo research was presented as a BBC film, produced by Mike Birkhead and narrated by David Attenborough, and last year he featured in an episode of the BBC Radio 4 series “The Life Scientific”. His book Cuckoo – Cheating by Nature won Best Book of the Year from the British Trust for Ornithology and British Birds Magazine.


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