Jane Porter

As a child

I was born in London and have lived here ever since.

As an adult

I started off studying geography, and was even geography editor of the Geographical Magazine for a while … and I still like drawing maps. Later I went to study for an MA in illustration and animation at Kingston University, and started illustrating and writing after that – though I did spend a lot of my teenage years making comic books.

As an illustrator

I work in a small room at the top of my house, with a big planchest for my desk so I can draw standing up, which I find easier. It’s crammed with all sorts of art materials, including some ink I made myself out of oak galls. I like experimenting!

Ten things we didn’t know about Jane Porter

  1. I have built my own coracle (and Iron Age boat made of hazel and cow hide) and occasionally take it out on the Thames.
  2. I have made a silver spoon.
  3. I have touched a rhinoceros on the nose (surprisingly soft!).
  4. I love swimming in rivers.
  5. I have a husband, two grown-up children and a cat.
  6. I keep a diary where I make a one-page comic about things that happen to me nearly every day.
  7. I am learning to play folk music on my great grandfather’s violin.
  8. My favourite animals are frogs and giant anteaters.
  9. I wish I could do some magic tricks.
  10. I hate motor boats and fast cars.
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