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I Never Said I Loved You

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Rhik Samadder

Sunday 9th October 13:00 - 14:00 | Performance Marquee

Having struggled with depression for most of his life, on his 30th birthday Rhik Samadder had what can only be described as an epiphany following a powerful conversation with his mother in a Bangkok sex hotel. Samadder realised that his mother loved him, was proud of him despite his best efforts and, by dragging him on an Australian backpacking adventure was desperately trying to pluck him from the throes of a crippling depression that was powerfully undermining his ability to lead a fulfilling and happy life. I Never Said I Loved You is a chartered voyage through the seas of Samadder’s mental health as he unpicks the intricacies and hard truths of how he came to be where he was, how he could counter the darkness the pulled at him, and how his behaviour had affected those around him.

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